What We Offer · Special Education School Purcellville, VA

Open Door is a creative learning campus and special education school near Purcellville, VA for children ages 2-7 years. We believe that children learn by exploring and we specialize in creating a hands-on learning experience for all of our students.  Our teachers are able to develop a child’s skills in their natural environment and further develop and enhance these skills with classroom instruction.

Our program includes:

  • Year-round, Full-Day (8:30am-3:30pm) Preschool Program and special education school near Purcellville, VA
  • Upon availability, Part-Time schedules available (Tu/Thurs & Mon/Wed/Fri)
  • Reduced Teacher-to-Student Ratio (1:6)
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Art & Music Enrichment
  • Math & Science Enrichment
  • Multi-cultural Themes
  • Developmental Assessments
  • Individual Lesson Plans
  • Inclusive Classrooms
  • Thematic Curriculum
  • ABA Behavioral Intervention Program for Children with Developmental Disabilities
  • Kindergarten VA SOL Standards Curriculum
  • 2-5 year old VA Learning Blocks Standards Curriculum
  • Quarterly Progress Reports & Report Cards
  • VB-MAPP Assessments for IEP Students

Our preschool program and special education school near Purcellville, VA prepares children for kindergarten in many ways. Our teachers individually assess each student in the following areas:

  • Verbal Behavior/Communication
  • Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Activities of Daily Living/Self-Management
  • Pre-Reading and Basic Math Concepts
  • Handwriting
  • Social Skills
  • Fine and Gross Motor Development

Our teachers create weekly lesson plans structured around thematic activities ranging from:

  • Community Helpers
  • Staying Healthy
  • Holidays
  • Animals
  • Family
  • Seasons
  • Weather




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