Campus Updates

We love our BEAUTIFUL campus and a lot of exciting things have been happening on campus to keep it beautiful, create new opportunities and expand our programs.

Here is your CAMPUS UPDATE!


You may have noticed the wooden benches scattered all throughout Paxton. Our amazing volunteer, Eoin Whelan, donated these benches as part of his Eagle Scout project. These benches provide a great place for our students and employees to take a break, socialize with friends or just enjoy the outdoors!

As you can see we have been putting them to good use already! Thank you for your generosity, Eoin!


IMG_7482 copy
The large oak tree in front of ALLY will live longer and stand stronger thanks to our friends at Bartlett Tree Experts.

Two weeks ago, they visited our campus and provided a ‘Deep Root’ liquid injection of slow-release fertilizer. For those of you who are not tree experts like Bartlett, this injection slowly releases fertilizer to help reduce dead limbs, the impact of insects and diseases and increases the longevity of the oak tree.

Bartlett Tree Experts also donated and laid down mulch on campus.

We are so happy that our oak tree will continue to stand tall in the years to come and can’t thank Bartlett Tree Experts enough for donating their time and resources!


Paxton teamed up with Legacy Farms last Sunday to start our vegetable garden for the STEP Up team. This garden will provide space for STEP Up to work in the garden, harvest the vegetables and eventually sell them at the Farmer’s Market.

Great volunteers came out on Sunday to help and the results are AWESOME! The first step is done!


Paxton Campus is thrilled to be working with Legacy Farms and can’t wait for this STEP Up opportunity to develop.