STEP Up’s Community Vocational Supports Program

STEP-Up’s Community Vocational Supports Program is designed for adults who are seeking employment in the community or are already employed in the community, but need periodic job coaching to be successful in their placement.  Adults with disabilities can reach out to STEP-Up Job Coaches to practice interview skills, for help in the application process, or if they are having difficulty advocating for themselves at work.  STEP-Up Job Coaches will then consult with clients in their place of work to help resolve issues and ensure continued success in the workplace.

STEP-Up Off-Campus Vocational Supports Program

Application: Individuals will complete an application with information about their vocational skills and vocational areas of interst.  The application should also list potential locations in the community where the individual is interested in obtaining a paid job. CLICK HERE FOR THE APPLICATION

Assessment Period:   Once an application has been accepted and review, the STEP-Up Program Director will contact the individual to conduct assessments.  Assessments for the Off-Campus Vocational Supports Program may take up to two days. Individuals will be assessed on job skills, interview skills, social skills, and endurance for working.  From these assessments, the STEP-Up Program director and the individual will determine the best community placement and will work together to complete applications and prepare for interviews.

Applications and Interviews:  The STEP-Up Program Director and the Individual will work together to send applications to community placements.  If the individual is asked to come in for an interview, the STEP-Up Program Director will accompany the individual to the interview (as needed or requested.)

Job Placement:  Once an individual has been placed in a job in the community, the STEP-Up Program Director or Job Coach will work with the supervisor of the location to provide necessary accommodations to the individual.  Within the initial month of employment, the Program Director or Job Coach will be available to assist in the transition for at least 20 hours.   Once an individual has been placed, the job coach will check in for a minimum of 5 hours a month to address any problems that may arise while the individual is working.