Barns of Paxton


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Barns of Paxton

Paxton Campus is raising $10 million to repurpose old barns and build new ones into the Barns of Paxton, a unique space creating opportunities for people with disabilities through The Arts, Fitness and Wellness. The Barns of Paxton is our community’s collective investment for much needed services for people with disabilities and their families.

Check out the graphic below that gives you a glimpse into A Day in the Life at the Barns of Paxton.

The Barns of Paxton will seve individuals with disabilities through a range of direct services and supports. Our impact will be instrumental in improving the quality of life for many in our community with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities. We currently have daily supports and services for the students we serve on campus, and we want to expand services to the greater community. Building the Barns of Paxton will do just that.

a day in the life at the Barns of Paxton