Vocational Training

Paxton Attraction

Our Paxton Campus store, Paxton Attraction, is up and running.  Here, the students learn the skills necessary to support small local store.  Skill training includes: working as a cashier, inventory and stocking shelves, cleaning, helping to find wanted items, or simply greeting the guests!  The Paxton Attraction is also a great place for the student and staff of the Paxton Campus to come enjoy a mid-day snack!

Maggie’s Closet

Maggie’s Closet is a non-profit store for families in need.  At Maggie’s the students can prepare the clothing by washing and drying newly donated items.  They fold and hang clothes so these items are ready to be given to families in need.  And they learn to clean up and tidy a retail space for the visiting families.  Overall this is a great experience for ALL involved!

Community Based Instruction

Our students are given many opportunities during the school year to learn and practice transitional skills in our community.  A local Dry Cleaner’s business is one opportunity for them.  7-11 is another community partner able to work with us and our students.  Stay tuned for new community partners!